The Hoopoe

Upupa epops

The Hoopoe

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Photograph courtesy of Natural Rapture

The Hoopoe, Upupa Epops, is widespread throughout Asia, Africa and Europe though only occasionally seen in the Britain and Ireland, generally during spring migration. This particular bird visited Wexford in 2003.

There is no other bird which looks quite like a hoopoe, though they are well camoflaged despite the distinctive colours. It is 26-28cm long (11 inches) including a bill of 5-6cm (2 inches). It can fan it's crest, making an impressive display. Its head, upper mantle and underbody have a pale brown-pink to chestnut tone while the rest of the body and the wings are banded black and white. In flight, it recalls a large butterfly. It is named for its low, carrying call of hoo-poo-poo.

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