Corporate Sponsorship

Hoopoes Ltd. is proud of its Corporate Sponsorship affiliations.

London Zoo

We were a founding Corporate Sponsor of the Web of Life (now known as B.U.G.S) at the London Zoo.

Friends of SPRI

We are currently supporting British polar science and heritage through the Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge.

Hoopoes Limited is now an Executive Friend of the Institute. In addition, in March of 2006, our principal consultant, Duncan Lawie, participated in the Great Sponsored Arctic Dog Sledge to raise funds for the Friends' work in support of polar science and heritage. Duncan spent a week in charge of a team of huskies, when he travelled over 200km of rough Arctic terrain in the far north of Norway. Duncan came to the realisation that controlling a dog team was no more difficult than some teams of database administrators!

Duncan and his Dog Team

Read more about his adventure.

Alternatively, if you are interested in joining the 2007 event, there are still a few places available and you can apply via the SPRI Friends website.

Photograph copyright care of Hoopoes Limited.